A cold sweat bathed Putin …

Ukrainians advance on Kharkiv. The Russian forces ran to save themselves, that’s why their losses were minimal, while the Ukrainian forces number about 6 thousand dead and 8 thousand wounded. In their panic, the Russians applied, by chance, the tactic of drawing the adversaries into areas of destruction by fire and avoiding involvement in urban areas.

The Russian president announced a partial mobilization of 300 thousand reservists. The 2 million Russian reservists are desperately trying to push it out of their homeland and into neighboring NATO states.

After an underground Russian intervention, anti Russian Finnish authorities denied reports of kilometers-long queues of Russian reservists at the border with Russia.

In Moscow of 12 million people a thousand demonstrators poured into the streets to protest against the conscription.

Authoritative Western sources say that Russia is running out of weapons and ammunition and that they have some old slingshots and nuclear warheads left.

Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Turkey have for years hosted US nuclear weapons on their soil for recreational purposes.

USA, France and England have nuclear weapons for the good of humanity.

NATO is providing military “aid,” not weapons, to Ukraine.

Activist foreign mercenaries are offering their services freely in the Ukrainian military ranks.

British and U.S. former senior military officers are advising the Ukrainian military leadership for their mother’s soul.

NATO expanded and installed weapons systems in the countries of Eastern Europe bordering Russia for humanitarian reasons.

The “democratic” Ukrainian government that emerged after the non-US-backed “Revolution of Dignity” of 2014 did ban the use of minority languages, namely Russian, Greek, Romanian and Hungarian for reasons of linguistic homogeneity.

The Russian economy is collapsing, as the Russian current account and Russian currency reserves increase, wages and pensions increase by 10%, while gasoline and natural gas prices remain at the lowest levels across Europe and the world.

Western media report that the European economy is entering a slight, but very slight recession. In large European cities, the lights in public buildings and streets go out, while energy-intensive industries suspend their operations. European citizens are wondering if and how much wood they will get this coming winter, and food prices have skyrocketed. Fuel prices are hovering near all-time highs, while the price of natural gas has broken through the roof.

The “fund management institutions”-shareholders of Western multinational companies are bleeding from the rise in the prices of natural gas, oil, coal, fertilizers, food, raw materials, as well as from the increase in sales of drugs and vaccines, from the increase in the use of online services, the increased installation of digital systems and finally from the continued provision of military “aid”.

Russian finger has misinformed the world’s libraries that the total human losses of the countries that fought the Axis powers in World War II were: Soviet Union 30 million, China 22.5 million, Poland 5.8 million, India 2.2 million , Yugoslavia 1.5 million, Greece 800 thousand, France 560 thousand, United Kingdom 500 thousand, USA 410 thousand.

According to NATO “allied” Turkish sources in 1912-1913 Greece invaded the then sovereign state of the Ottoman Empire and annexed illegally Macedonia and Epirus. After all, the then population of Macedonia is estimated at 1,991,420 of which 846,011 were Greeks.

The US along with its NATO allies have repeatedly proven themselves to be the protectors of humanity:

a) They were forced to drop nuclear bombs on Japan which may have wiped out thousands of young, old, women and children in a second but infallible western mathematical models proved that more lives were saved than closing the Pacific front.

b) They tried to liberate Vietnam from the Vietnamese, but the 1 to 4 million Vietnamese dead, including many civilians, proved to be few.

c) In order to democratize the Iraqi state they were forced to construct the false pretense of having weapons of mass destruction, while the thousands of Iraqi civilians who died were playing with old flares.

d) They are fighting to democratize Syria, fostering against their will a civil war with thousands of dead, while they rushed to accuse the Syrian state of using chemical weapons without presenting any evidence.

e) They made diplomatic efforts to bring democracy through bloody coups, in a series of states such as Iran (1953), Guatemala (1954), Congo (1960), Dominican Republic (1961), South Vietnam (1963), in Brazil (1964), in Chile (1973), in Greece (1973), with the Arab Spring in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya (2010) and of course in Ukraine (2014).

f) For the protection of human rights they bombarded Serbia for 78 days with depleted uranium warheads using, without killing civilians, nor injuring 2,700 children, nor destroying 19 hospitals and 69 schools from the bombings.

g) They chased away the Turkish troops that invaded Cyprus.

h) They prevented the destruction of Smyrna, the genocide of the Greeks of Asia Minor, the Pontians and the Armenians.

The Western “Allies” are liberating nations, like our Greece. For it was the Battle of Navarino that brought about our independence, not the 10 year fight of the Greeks, in which Battle English and French warships took part, while the Russians were hidden.

The Naval Battle of Navarino may have arisen out of the blue, but it would have happened anyway, even if it inconvenienced the English government by conducting it.

Ibrahim’s army was accidentally trained by the French, just as French soldiers were accidentally found in its ranks.

The 1830 London independence protocol signed by England, France and Russia abolished the anti-democratic elected by the 3rd National Assembly of Troizina governor Kapodistrias and because we Greeks were incompetent it defined as the polity of the Greek state the “allied” monarchy, giving the monarch the title of “Sovereign Ruler of Greece”.

The Sovereign Ruler settled in Greece, quite by chance, after the assassination of the governor Kapodistrias.

Finally, the democratically elected prime minister of the former “allied” Greek monarchy, taking into account as always the opinion of his fellow citizens, declared: “…we are waging war against Russia…”.

And a cold sweat bathed Putin.


Margelis Konstantinos

Agios Petros, Lefkada, 24 September 2022



















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